Bespoke Rewards And Commemorative Coin Service

There are numerous reasons why you can create a Bespoke Coin, such as commemorating your team, rewarding employees, or rewarding long-term members. Bronze, silver, and gold-plated coins are our specialty. They are all handcrafted with first class quality and feel.

Colour filled Custom Coins
Double Sided Coins
Raised Effect Coins
Custom Challenge Coin
We create amazing looking Custom Challenge Coins, for rewarding, in honor of achievement and accomplishment , Navy , Army , Service.
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Custom Coins from mold design or stamped coins make great gifts, awards, and souvenirs. As standard, the coins come with an attractive nickel or brass coating that features personalisation on 1 or 2 sides. Several finishes are available on request, including antique brass, bronze, silver, and gold, as well as a sandblasted finish or colour. Your logo or design crafted into a coin award.

Choose Coin sizes
We have a range of coin sizes to choose from, custom sizes can also be created, please inquire for more info.
Custom Coin sizes
Custom Coin Types & Plating Finishes
We can supply many forms of custom coins, all with different plating and finishes, here you can find some examples.
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We can create any shaped coins, not just rounded.Each design, or shape with a specific sizing.

custom boxed football medals

Choose your colour, gold silver or bronze.See ou coin plating chart to decide your colour, or contrast.

Colour filled coins, with a range of culour infil options.With a range of sizes from 30mm to 70mm

Very high spec , rose gold, or silver coins creation creation.Choose your size or design shape.

Custom Coin Boxes

Coin presentation boxes

Presenting your commemorative coins in a presentation box is a great idea. With a velour lining and leatherette or velvet exterior, these wallets hold one coin. An elegant way to display your commemorative coin.

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