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Large Order Sports Event Medal Supply Service

Are you running a large mass participation event? sports or other and require a custom medal? we can supply large bulk orders from as little as 0.98p, and with no hidden costs, and a super sonic fast lead time of just 4 weeks, from start to finish and delivered, looking great and ready to hand out.

Custom Medal Service For Large Events Thats Fast, Low Cost And Great Looking Medals

No order is too large for us, with the highest quality looking medals and great product service from start to finish.Bespoke event medals on mass and delivered quickly.

Any Sized Medal

Sizes of medal start at just 40mm with options to go to 80mm round or other.

Fast Lead Times

We can supply in super fast lead times, with express 4 week turn around.

All Shapes And Colours

Any Shape, or indeed any colour medals you require, full or part finishes.

Great Team Service

Our team will support your large order from start to in hand finish, with updates during process.

Free Custom Ribbons

Don't forget our free custom ribbon service, no cost just great looking ribbons.

Charity Event Discounts

If your large event is a Charity event we always give a discount, little extra help along the way.