Gold, Silver , Bronze effect medals

Custom Gold Medals, Silver, Bronze

Any Custom Gold-Silver-Bronze-Effect-Medals


The popular Gold-Silver-Bronze-Effect-Medals can come in a range of shapes and finishes. The first step in creating a custom medal is to choose a base metal for your medal, often though a customer may simply prefer the standard gold, silver, or bronze effect..

The base metal can be copper, bronze, brass, zinc, or gold, on large orders we supply bulk order discounts, so unit costs are kept to a minimum.

The next step is to decide whether you want your medal to be die struck or cast, gold, and indeed bronze and silver all look great in both.

Another great medal option is to create a custom insert for your medal. This method is perfect for companies that want to honor employees for exceptional achievements, sports teams, clubs, or events, it’s a lower-cost option. 

*A full design mock up service is available.

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