FAQs About Bespoke Medals

Why choose a custom made bespoke sports medal? With totally custom medals for sports events any shape, size, or texture can be designed in amazing feeling  metal materials such as fake gold, silver, and bronze copper to truly represent the different rankings in a competition, event of achievement. We have a FREE design service team that’s able to create anything you require. Don’t forget the free custom ribbon which truly makes the medal look amazing.

Custom Running Medal Services BulK Orders

Custom medals are the same as bespoke medals or sports medals. A custom  made, made from a metal mold to start with is a medal crafted from a specific design.The design might be the club logo, event design or logo, or simple an idea a customer has provided.

A custom bespoke medal will have a customised logo text ribbon added to it.The logo, or ribbon text can be anything.These custom medal ribbons are often free, they really make the ribbon look great.Custom medals are required for running events, swimming events, large walking events, park run events, or any sporting event you wish.

A custom made medal is made from metal, a copper zinc, combo, then a metal plating is applied to the surface.The custom sports medal can come in many types of colour plating, gold , silver, or bronze. Often a bespoke medal can be crafted from wood, or PVC , or even a plastic form of rubber, but the most popular custom medal is made from metal.Bespoke Gold Medal Services Low Cost

With our company Bespoke Medals, our MOQ can be just one unit.The order price or unit price will be higher for low MOQ of medal orders.The price will be much cheaper if the order is larger.

If you are looking fro just one bespoke medal we can help.If you require large orders we can offer bulk medal order discounts, certainly worth asking for a bespoke sports medal discount.We also offer free custom ribbons and mock up services, on larger orders free shipping services.

Custom medals take only 3-4 weeks with our company.The lead time is very quick compared to most other medal company’s. Our order lead times are super fast due to our team and work force. Our bespoke medal lead times being so quick will help out most race events in as little as 3 weeks as standard.

If you are ordering custom medals for outside the UK we can offer an express service.With our global express services we can supply any sized bespoke medal order within 3 weeks if required.We use DHL as our shipping partner or UPS for a super fast custom medal service.

We can offer large bulk orders of bespoke sports medals at discounted prices.The bespoke medal service we offer can supply any sized orders.The larger orders have a discounted unit price.When you order a bulk discounted custom medal order you will receive a discount as high as 30% with free shipping.

If you are asking How long do custom bespoke medals take to make? they take just 3 weeks to make sometimes as little as 1 week.The next phase is to ship out, this is  dependant on where the customer is.The normal custom medal order with us is around 3 weeks.

Our bespoke custom medal sizes have a great range.You can choose from just a small 30mm tiny medal right up-to a very large 110mm medal.The medal sizes on offer are: 30mm – 40mm – 50mm – 60mm – 70mm – 80mm – 90mm – 100mm -110mm- bespoke medal size thickness can also be 2mm – 3mm – 4mm 5mm which is very very think.

 Custom bespoke medals are certainly worth it.The cost of having made  your own Bespoke Medals order for an event your might be holding can be relatively low cost with us, if you require large quantities compared to giving out standard off the shelf Medals or Trophies. Our Bespoke Medals come in a variety of finishes from Bright Gold, sparkle nice looking Silver and Bronze or Antique colours.The shape can be what ever you like, large or small, round, Square, or a mixture of shapes and sizes.

Bespoke sports medals that are fully customised look amazing, we worth the effort getting made.Get custom medal options in a pretty big range of wonderful shapes, sizes, funky styles and up to 8 colour.A custom made  bespoke medal for your running, swimming , charity  event. Custom made bespoke award medals are a super way to get people to support and take part in a sports event.You can make your own but it would take a very long time.You can simply ask us to create small or large orders of medals, so much less effort, we even supply silk ribbons.
The answer is yes, nice looking and feeling custom bespoke  made medals also on offer and  available small badges in many different shapes and sizes, with full colour. Small custom made metal badges also available in large or small orders. Any metal bespoke medals are with us available in a full range of shapes & materials, with metal the most popular choice. We can cut to fit your chosen bespoke shape. Bespoke custom made medals are a great souvenir for keeping  and a sign of great hard word and effort achievements for sports participants in Swimming, walking, running, marathons, to name but a few.

We can create any medal shape you require, our custom medal service can supply any shape you wish, from a shield, round or square or cut out shape.

Bespoke medals can be created on a budget, medals can be created from just 2.5mm which is a thinner medal finish, then from this thickness starting point 3.5mm – 4.5mm – 5mm , 6mm and even a very thick 7mm medal.

The best medal material is

  • Material: Zinc alloy / Iron / Brass / Stainless Steel.
  • Plating colour: Gold / Silver / Bronze / Antique gold / Antique silver / Antique Bronze / Spray Black or Spray other colour

The general types of materials that can be used for a custom running medals are gold, zinc, copper , wood, or specific types.Bespoke Sports Medals

Custom Running Medals? are a great metal or wood finish, they often look just like a club or team logo, they often look just like and shape you require.A design can be made of your medal, it can look just like what ever you choose, simply ask.

You can buy custom medals from www.customsportsmedals.com , the very best bespoke and custom mede medal company in the UK , they offer a great service with any size order possible, from just one medal to 10,000 medals.

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