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Spoof Coin Creation

We can create any Spoof Coin Design

More about spoof coins

What is a spoof coin?

There are three coins per player in Spoof, usually a bronze coin, a silver coin, and a gold coin, and the game is commonly played by the navy and marines.  


Players begin each round by concealing a number of coins (or none at all) in their hands and extending them into play.  Taking turns, each player tries to guess how many coins there are in play, and the same number cannot be said more than once.  


Afterwards, each player states how many coins they believe are in play, and the one who guesses correctly wins.  When only one player remains, they must each pay their stake to the other.We can make fully custom spoof coins, up to 6 different colors if required.

We only supply custom spoof coins, we take your spoof idea and design for you, simply ask and we deliver.