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Boxed Bespoke Football Medals

Consider Boxed Football Medals -If you require a great looking custom medal for any football event we can help, if your looking for Boxed Football Medals they can really look great. See our Custom Football Medals for Club events, Football Festivals.

Custom Bespoke Boxed Football Medals don’t have to cost the earth.We create amazing looking Medals for football clubs, tournaments, or any football event you wish.With Bespoke Custom Football Medals one of our core service we have a Dedicated Football Medal Website, with lots more information you can see Here:

*A full design mock up service is available.

Custom Football Medals Specifications

Boxed Football Medals Effects

Add a ruffled sandblast effect to your boxed football medals, or add the event name or year to your Custom Football Coins. Non- enamelled and part-enamelled medals can also be customised with ribbons in addition to full-colour enamelled medals.

Medals For Football Tournaments In Custom Boxes

Our bespoke and custom football coin services are available at Are you looking for silk ribbons for your football medals? If you need super coloured ribbons, we can provide them. At no cost, cotton or silk can be printed. 

A Great looking Boxed Football Medal

Any boxed Football Medals medal can have a full sandblast effect, or a completely smooth finish with the text of your choice, such as the year, name, or football event, personalised on the back.

Medal ribbons for boxed medals

Custom ribbons can be added to any boxed custom football medal, whether it is full color enameled or non-enamelled or partly enameled.

You may wish to consider custom coins, or another custom medal type such as non enamblledfull enamblled or part coloured enambelled Custom made sports medals. We have a free design service, send in your designs, ideas and let us create a design medal mock up for you.

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