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Custom Silicone Medals

Pvc Medals

Silicone PVC Medals

We take pride in creating highly attractive PVC sports medals that come in a variety of unique styles. Our designs are customized according to your specific preferences, and we would be delighted to work with your ideas.

These custom-designed medals are ideal for kids’ events, providing a positive experience for participants and an enduring reminder of their achievement.

Our team of experts also specialises in crafting bespoke custom medals that are of the highest quality.

Are you running a sports program? Swimming lessons, gymnastics, sportys club? any sports club that have certain levels to pass!? Custom silicocne medals can be the perfect fun medals to receive: We can create any size or shape, custom ribbons with all your levels and as many coloured ribbons as you wish!

We can supply them in quantities ranging from a single piece to mass event supply. No order is too small or too large, and we are always ready to offer you a satisfying experience. In addition, our silicone medals are perfect for children’s events such as sports and other recreational activities, making them an excellent choice for your next occasion.

A full design mock up service is available.

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