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laser cut out medals

Cut Out Medals From Wood

Laser cut out Wood Bespoke medals

Laser cut out Bespoke medals are an excellent way to make your events or competitions stand out. The medals can be designed in any shape and come in an array of colours, ensuring that they complement your event theme or personal preferences.

The cut-out area of each medal can also be customized to your liking, giving you the freedom to personalize every detail. We have a selection of sizes available ranging from 50mm to 100+mm, so you can pick the perfect size to suit your needs.

Additionally, we offer the option of having your medal with or without colour, making it possible to match your company colours or add a unique visual appeal. Our process for creating the medals is simple, and we even include free custom ribbons that add a personalized touch. If you’re looking for creative and custom medals that will set your event apart, Custom Out Wood Medals is your best bet.

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