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Contrasting Medals

Shade contrast Medals

Contrasting Bespoke Medals

With contrasting medals, you simply get a mix-up of colours. Not a full mix up of colour but just enough to create a great look. You decide which bits to fill with colour, we do the rest.–If you wish to colour fill your whole medal consider a full Enambelled Medal service.

Choose any type of contrasted colour medal design shape or size. We have contrast medal sizes ranging from just small 40mm to 100mm, 50mm, 60mm, a very popular 70mm or 80mm. Various metal colours and finishes can be applied from a simple gold silver bronze look to a multi-coloured finish.


*A full design mock up service is available.

Colopur Text Fill on Medal

Contrasting Colour Fill Medal

Add Colour Fill To Medals

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