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Bespoke Medal Types

Choose from a huge selection of medal types, embossed medals, large medals, any shaped medals, full or non-colour bespoke medals. We have a bespoke medal for every sport or sporting event, marathons, triathlons and open water swimming events. Your design or via our in house design service. Choose your plating medal type.


The Non-Enambelled Medal is truly one of the most popular medals we supply. Light or dark effects can be created for a truly great-looking finish of the Bespoke Medal.

The Non-Enambelled Medal finish is the most popular out of all the medals we offer. Full amazing colour creation service that can be supplied in any size or medal shape.

Part Enambelled

Also one of the most popular medal finishes is the Part, Enamelled Medal. With a section of colour on each of the Medal areas, it’s very popular as a Bespoke Medal.

The simple but great-looking Gold Plate Medal is often required for many types of events, with a smooth finish, raised or unraised design.

Running An Event ?, Then Check Out Our Event Medals

Choose a simple but popular shiny gold effect medal. They do look really great, with a raised or flat effect medal finish.

The Wooden Medal for events is a popular choice if you don’t wish to opt for the metal medal creation. We can create any size, with option metal or colour added also if required.

The Cut Out Effect is a great-looking finish, we either laser out the parts required or create using the moulding process set up.

Epoxy Effect

The Epoxy Medal Effect with its shiny clear finish is a high spec sticker process, it’s a lower cost than full metal creation, we use a stainless steel effect, which can look really great.

Opt for a super Sized Medal and wow the receiver or participants of your events. Go all the way up from 80mm to 110mm sizes.

Rainbow Medals

The rainbow effect Medals have a unique finish to them. The shiny finish looks amazing created in a medal format.

Silicone or PVC Medals look great, they are soft and bendy to the touch and can be created in any colour or indeed shape you wish.

Another very popular medal is a Multi-Shape effect or a shape to which copies your logo or artwork, sometimes far more popular than a standard round medal.