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Gallery Of Custom Medals

View Just Some Of Our Bespoke Medal Options

Bespoke Medal Gallery

You can view just a few of our Bespoke Medal options below, giving you an idea of just what’s possible with our amazing custom bespoke medal services. So many amazing medal options. We have a great selection of custom medal plating options that can be seen here.

Enambelled or Non Enambelled Bespoke Medals

A Full Range of custom colours for your bespoke medals creation

We have amazing options for as many colours as you wish to be integrated into any medal design. Any shape can be created, our die casting metal mold service is there to reuse as many times as you wish and kept on file.

custom marathon medals
10k custom medals
custom football medals

We can really create any logo, design or artwork and turn into a bespoke medal.Choose from a great range of styles metals, colours or shapes.

View Our Custom Medals Promotional Video

We have options of enameled, non-enameled, and partly enabled medals. Our colour base process leaves the medals looking fantastic and full of colour, in addition, gold, silver, or bronze medals can be created, with a matt or shiny finish. 

Choose Bespoke Medal Options

If you have the idea or the design we can create any bespoke medal shape, size, or design.