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Custom Medal UK: We create custom medals for any sector or sport.

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Our custom medal services offer a world of possibilities that set from apart from from off-the-shelf options. With Bespoke Sports Medals, you have complete freedom to choose any design, style, shape, or color for your personalised medals. When it comes to customisation of medals, we offer a wise selection of materials and shapes.

The key advantage of opting for personalized medals over inexpensive alternatives lies in the prominent display of your club, event, or logo. Our custom made for awards are sure to impress, and they include a personalised ribbon to add that special touch. It’s evident that everyone appreciates the uniqueness of a custom made medal. Choose custom, choose excellence.

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Popular Uses of Custom Medals with Personalised Logo

Custom medals for all sports for rewarding everything and anything. Bespoke medals can be used for sports days, competitions, mass events, marathons, while some of the popular ones being custom running medals, custom swimming medals and custom triathlon medals. Customised medals can be great for schools and colleges, custom made medals are highly versatile and can last a lifetime as a keepsake for everybody to remember. 

  • Sports and Athletic Events: Personalised medals are very popular in the world of Sports and Athletic Events, they can be rewarded to participants for finishing, or event just taking part. Many athletic events are tough and to receive a custom sports medal after is a bonus, it’s popular to use a custom ribbon with your medal as this is perfect for placing the medals around the neck, to show off.
  • Corporate Recognition and Awards: Popular Uses of Corporate Recognition and Awards include presenting at awards night, staff awards given out to celebrate sales, or long serving employment, Corporate Recognition and Awards can be acrylic, crystal, wood, metal custom shaped and design with laser engraving options all created with skill and craftsmanship.
  • Academic and Educational Achievements: Many popular uses of Academic and Educational Achievements include presenting at student nights and awards evenings, can be young pupils or sixth formers, all for rewarding achievements. Custom achievement medals are popular with colleges and schools, they are great for rewarding and presenting that can be kept for a lifetime.
  • Military and Government Honors: It’s popular to give custom medals for awards to Military and Government staff. These staff awards can be presented in the form of great service awards, long service awards or medals, honoring achievements overseas and within the UK. 

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Order Custom Medals in UK with Bespoke Sports Medals

The benefits of custom medals for awards run long and wide. Our personalised medals in the UK are crafted with precision and attention to detail. From choosing the perfect shape, size, and material to incorporating your branding or personal touch, our bespoke medals are a true representation of your vision. Whether you’re organizing a sports tournament, academic competition, or corporate event, our customised medals in the UK are the ideal choice to honor the exceptional.

Ordering custom made medals with Bespoke Sports Medals means you’ll receive top-quality craftsmanship, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service. Elevate your awards, celebrate achievements, and leave a lasting impression with custom medals in the UK from Bespoke Sports Medals. Unlock your creativity with our free bespoke medal design service and contact our team of custom medal makers to get a quote now!

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