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Custom Badge Fixings

Choose from several types of pin badge clasps.


A butterfly clutch

Butterfly-catch metal badge pins are a popular type of metal badge pin. During the process of attaching pins to garments, a butterfly clutch is placed on the inner side to prevent the pins from falling out.

This solution has one major advantage over others: pins stay in place permanently once clipped on. The clip can also be easily removed and reattached.

There is one downside to needle pins: they can leave small dentures in some fabrics. As for the needle pin, it is also limited by its length, which works well with thin fabrics.


Pin fixings made of rubber


There are no mechanical locking elements on rubber fasteners. In essence, it is a silicone cap with a hole in which the pin needle is inserted. The advantage is the strength and grip. The needle can be firmly placed into the rubber hole – making the pin’s stick firmly.

One downside could be durability – repeatedly removing and re-inserting the pin may cause the hole to become worn and loose.


The Metal Pin tube fasteners

A more prestigious style of butterfly fastener. Even though they are more expensive, they offer a better “grip” on needles, thereby reducing the chance that they will fall off. The attachment method is similar to butterfly clasps – you press the hole and point it toward the needle.

The lower part of the device is removed by lifting it. Compared to their economical counterparts, they look more attractive as well


Free pin badge design service

All our pins come in small foil packaging, which secures them while being transported; if you are looking for a solution which will make your pins customised and unique, we’ll be pleased to supply them, fastened in dedicated cards, designed so that they match the pins.