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We have a large range of custom medal ribbon options, perfect for everybody

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Any size silk custom ribbons

Custom Ribbons are often free with orders over 100 units, our custom ribbon service is extremely popular. Silk ribbons with medals are most popular with a printed ribbon cotton effect also an option.

With the two most popular medal ribbons as plain with your custom text or logo, or double or triple strips you will be sure to find a ribbon that suits just fine.

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Consider R-PET Custom Medal Ribbon's

Why not consider the R-PET ribbon, we can make recycled ribbon(R-PET ribbon).For R-PET ribbon, the biggest benefit is that this ribbon can be recycled and will not cause environmental pollution.If customer want economic and enviro friendly, we think R-PET ribbon is a good option.
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We can also craft , silk, or cotton ribbons:

White Full Colour

Multi Colour

Silk 3 Colour