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Hard Enamelled Pins

any colour shape or size.

Hard Enambelled Pins

This is a unique technique for decorating metal work into metal, very similar to the Soft Enamelled Pin. The same process underpins all enamel pin badges. Over time, this process has become more efficient and refined. The process is as simple as it sounds: make an impression into the metal, fill in the areas with beautiful enamel colours, and then add the perfect finish (silver, nickel, brass, or gold). 

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Shinny Pins With Enambelled

Choose a Shinny plating service with any colour Hard Enambelled Pins.

custom medals
Multi Shaped Hard Enamelled Pins

Multi Shaped Hard Enamelled Pins look really great, with high spec finishes.

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Any Shaped Hard Enambelled

We can provide Any Shaped Hard Enambelled pin badges, they look amazing, full colour options are on offer.

Hard Enamel Pin Bagdes
Extra Large Pins

We can produce extra large custom Hard Enamelled Pin Badges, With full colour mix to choose from.

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