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Epoxy Resin Print Badges

Choose Your Design 

If you choose our Epoxy printed pin badges option, we’ll make a perfect replica of any photo or flat image. It can be anything from a favourite photo, modern artwork. They are a wonderful shiny pin, with amazing options for any design, another great option is the fact that any shape can be created.

Epoxy Resin Print Badges

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Gold, Silver , or Bronze Finishes.

No additional charge is charged for Gold, Silver , or Bronze Finishes.

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Classic Epoxy Pins

Some of the most popular pins using the Epoxy effect are school pins badges, with a fully range on offer, just ask.

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Any Shaped Pins

The use of epoxy pins is likely to meet your pin needs, no matter what they may be.

High Spec Look

Its easy to create a high spec look and finish using Epoxy , they look amazing with any branded logo.

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