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Custom Reward Coins 

Customised Coins & Plating Finishes

Specifically for commemorative purposes, our company produces commemorative coins, we have a custom coin plating service with multiple choices.

We have a fantastic service in Bespoke Metal Coin creation. We can create any coin size, with any design. We also have a Commemorative Coins service, along with Coins for rewarding achievements and staff, just here.

We can supply any sized custom Coins in a range of metals if required.

Choose any type of custom design shape or size. We have medal sizes ranging from just small 30mm 40mm to 100mm, 50mm, 60mm, a very popular 70mm or 80mm. Various metal colours and finishes can be applied from a simple gold silver bronze look to a multi-coloured finish, we can also offer bespoke coin coloured plating services, choose from silver, bronze, gold or a mixture.

Would you like a Custom Coin presentation box? Whether you are presenting your coin or keeping it safe, we can supply you with a great range of custom coin boxes, a custom made box truly sets off the coin, perfect for protecting the coin long term.

Dark Finish Custom Coin Creation

A dark finish enameled coin will look great. The black infill can be over-drafted with gold in any format if required, at any size.

Light Gold Custom Coin Creation

The light gold bespoke coin has a light colour shading of gold, any design can be added to the coin surface if required.

Antique Copper Custom Coin Finish

Antique copper coins look great, they have a rustic look and feel. Again any coin design can be replicated to create a great-looking coin creation.

Super Raised Effect Custom Coin

A super raised custom bespoke coin finish adds a high spec look to the coin creation. Raised coin effects can be created with any design you wish, gold, bronze silver.

Double Plating Coin Finish

Silver Plating

Matt Finish With Colour

custom coin services

Full Enambel

Custom Coins For Commemoration

Bespoke Commemorative Coins

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Custom Coins As Gifts

A perfect gift for a wide range of special occasions. Schools, colleges, charities, and corporate companies have found great value in awarding our coins to recognize and reward participants. 

Celerbrate Sucess

They are also a great corporate gift when celebrating a company’s success, retirement, special anniversary, or new product launch.

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