Full Custom School Pin Badge Creation

We can create any school shaped pin badges, antique, shiny or matte finish with laser engraving as standard. You can choose a range of types from enamel coating pin badges, to suit , or no colour pin badges all without your school logo.We have a free custom school or university pin badge design service.

Custom School Pin Badges

Any school shape can be created, antique, shiny or matte finish with laser engraving as standard. Our custom school pins start as low as 99p and range from engraved pin badges to enambelled , and no colour pin badges.Custom school pin badges, from 2mm - 2.5mm.

Custom Shape School Pin Badges.

Why not choose a Custom Shape School Pin Badge.Your colours, or school shield can be created fully.Send in you design ideas we can create.

Epoxy Clear Finish School Pin Badges.

Epoxy Clear Finish School Pin Badges are perfect for getting your school logo created high spec in any shape or size, with perfect clarity from the start to finish.

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Raised Effect Enamel Pin Badges.

Have a Raised Effect Enamel Pin Badge. Full colour, custom design , up to 6 colours, with sizes from 2.5mm, gold, silver or bronze effect , custom made pins.

Custom Made Design Service

In addition to antique, shiny, matte or metallic finishes, we can laser engrave any shape of school. Our school pins start at 99p, and we offer engraved badges, enamelled badges, and no-colour badges as options.Do you have a school pin design idea, if so get in touch for a free design service.

Custom Pin Badges Any Shape.

Simple pin badges such as stars can be created, your choice of shape, with gold, silver, or just about any shape you wish.

Most Improved School Pin Badges.

Most Improved School Pin Badges are perfect and can be drafted then created in pretty most any colour you choose.

Standard School Pin Badge Supply.

We can supply Standard School Pin Badges, colour full , multiple colours, shield or custom pin bar , each with a specific title.