What are Bespoke Sports Medals?

A Bespoke Medal is a totally unique sports or award Medal, often drafted from a design or logo. We can take your logo, brand, artwork, or design and turn it into an amazing-looking Sports Medal, complete with a custom ribbon, or presentation box.

Fully Custom Bespoke Sports Medal Creation Service.


We have an amazing selection of custom bespoke medal services. With our most popular custom medal option, the full Enamelled Medals which feel high spec heavyweight.

Low cost high spec Bespoke Medals from as little as 0.98p

You may also wish to consider our Non or Part Enamelled Medals are with partial or full-color enameling, sandblasted background.

Different Medal Styles

We craft Bespoke Medals from a range of materials, metal, zinc, copper compounds, we also use wood, crystal, or silicone as other options, with the main most popular medal creation metal.

Medal Sizes

With our Bespoke Sports Medal creation service, you can choose from a great range of size options. The thickness of a medal can range from a 2.0mm medal to a super thick 5mm medal.

Colour Styles

With a Bespoke Sports Medal, the options for colours are incredible. Any colours can be used, and if required colours can be blended into other colours for a stunning finish.