FAQAs – Freqently Asked Questions About Wood Medals

We can produce custom made wood medals: Any shape , size, or thickness:


FAQAs About Custom Wood Medals

The best wood medals producer in the uk is bespokesportsmedals.com any sized custm wood made medal can be created. A wood medal can be created from sustainable wood, and they can be coloured if required.

Wood Medals are now becomming more , and more popular, they are eco freindly, can be drafted from sustainably sourced wood.custom wood medals cornwall

Custom wood medals have ribbons attached that can be customised , they look very nice with custom ribbons.

Any thickness wood medals can be crated with a wood medal, the wooden shape can have variuos thickness levels, 3mm , 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , medals can be cretaed.

The centre or sides of wood medals can be created with a cut out shape, or shapes, the wooden medal can be laser cust out.

Wooden medals can be created from birch , cherry, or walnut wood, or any other wood medal wood that is required.

Wood medal production at bespokesportsmedals.com takes very litle time, with orders small and large produced in as lttle as one week.custom wood medals at www.bespokesportsmedals.com

Yes, one of the most popular wooden medals is th erunning event medal, these can be created into any shape, custom wooden running medals are very popular, they have custom ribbons attached.custom wood medals at www.bespokesportsmedals.com

The MOQ for wood medals is normally 50 units, its certainly cheaper to order in more custom medals made from wood.custom wood medals cornwall