Wood Medal Creations 

Wood  sports medals are now very popular, the normal just metal medal is also popular, however wood medals with total sustainability in mind are perfect for running races, swimming races, events, charity walks, along with football and tournaments.custom medals wood

Choosing wood medals is tricky as there are so many different types, shapes , sizes , and  thickness. A popular size of wood medal is 70mm, this however is not restricted to this size type. It’s possible to have a wood medal go up to 100mm thats a real large medal.

The thickness of wooden medals can range from 3mm thickness all the way to 4mm , 5mm or 6mm chunky thickness.

Laser engraving is used to craft the shape, or in fact design, the laser is the best way to create wonderful looking wooden sports medals. Laser engraving to create wood medal designs can be. used in the front of the medal or one the back, either side can look good.