What are the benefits of custom medals?

What are the best companies for custom medals?

Using a custom medal is a wonderful way to show appreciation for your team, employees, or community. Listed below are some examples of bespoke medal designs. You can view this custom medal gallery to see how these unique bespoke medal awards can be attached to ribbons.

Bespoke medals can be presented at meetings, sporting events, or hung from awards ceremonies or participants at sporting events.The metal medal can be made to look like any shape or logo via our design services.

A Medal Gallery that features Custom Medals

In a custom medal gallery, you can find a variety of options, including size, shape, design, and specifications. It is certainly a good idea to check out the medal gallery before you place an order.

Design your own medals

You can decide how your medal will look and how it will be designed. It is custom-made for each recipient.

Besides enhancing your sports event brand and enhancing your public sports event image, custom medals have several other advantages. Browse this gallery of bespoke medals to learn more.

The branding process

A custom medal can be created using different metals, copper, zinc, bronze, gold even. There are full-colour and black medals.

When people want to present their designs in full colour, full-colour medals are an excellent choice. Bronze, silver or gold medals stand out, or consider black custom medals.

Customisable award medals

There are hundreds of different designs available for this type of medal. It is even more impressive if you have custom artwork designed. You can use the design at bespokesportsmedals.com or create one from scratch.

Medals need to be the right size, shape, and colour.

Choosing your company’s logo should be based on its suitability. Gold highlights and black are recommended. When medals are presented in full- colour, they stand out. You can also choose this type of medal if you want a design that stands out.

Awarded silver medals

Silver medals are perfect for corporate awards and are excellent choices for corporate awards. Medals can be engraved or personalised with messages such as well done or the date of the event. Engraving is done using lasers.

Personalised awards created especially for you

Making a custom medal for a sports event or charity event can be an excellent way to show appreciation. A name can be added simply, or it can be elaborate, such as a medal, plaque, or award.

Ribbon drapes or medal neck ribbons complete the look. Custom medals can be designed in many different ways.

You can use your club’s logo to make a medal

We use our in-house design team to create each medal, so you can use the online design tools at bespokesportmedals.com to create a custom medal, such as your club logo. Our custom medal gallery includes round wooden medals, square medals, triangle medals, and long medals for you to choose from.

Bespoke Medal Colours

It is important to consider your medal’s design and colours. It depends on the design and size of the medal what colour and shape it will take. For bright colours and patterns, black metal is best. Why not order custom medals? For corporate events, full- colour medals are the best choice.


You can choose any colour you want. Custom awards, competitions, and awards for athletes and sports teams can be made with these. A custom ribbon gift can be created for any occasion. Custom medals are a perfect way to give an award that is personalised.

Having a custom medal made for your team can be a great way to show your team’s spirit. A medal is a good award to give to someone on a special occasion. Adding a logo makes it more memorable. Custom medal ribbon neckbands are a great way to acknowledge the hard work of a team.

If you want to match your medal to any occasion, you can choose a medal ribbon neckband. There are plenty of ways to commemorate a special occasion, such as a sporting event, a running event, a walking event, a marathon, 5k or 10k, or a mass participation charity event.