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If you are looking for custom sports medals in Cornwall we can help, we are a highly experienced  custom sports medals company based in Cornwall.

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Bespoke School Medals

Choosing your custom medals – General  info.

Medals can be customised for schools, sports, finishers’ medals, achievements, and more besides rewarding participants’ decor at sports events. Medals can be fully, partially, or partially engraved to your specifications.

The use of silk ribbons when creating custom ribbons is also extremely popular.

Medals made to order are appropriate for events. Charity events, running events, swimming events, big walking events, any sporting event.

They truly put a smile on people’s faces and put a smile on their faces when putting on a show for them. Other options include custom military medals.

A gold medal awarded to a soldier in the army is more valuable than an award won in a competition, isn’t it? The prize is even more meaningful if it is the first of many awards to come.

Awards for distinguished service deserve to be recognised with a custom medal. You are able to create any type of medal you desire with bespoke sports medals.

We offer Custom Coins as a unique keepsake that complement our Bespoke Medals. s also has custom options for School Pin Badges.

We supply custom medals for many Cornish clubs, schools, events, all with free custom design services.

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Awarded medals at sports events


An award given at a sporting event

The purpose of an award is to award

Medal-Winning Events

Personalised Hobbies Awards

There are different types of medals

Affordable Custom Medals: Where Can You Find Them?

Various types of medals

Award medals with custom music

Custom medals are delivered

The custom medal boosts the morale of employees

Employees Are Well Rewarded With Medals

Choosing The Finish And Colour

Choosing The Material For Your Bespoke Project

Don’t Forget About Custom Medals

Custom medals for sporting events


Regardless of the sport you are running, you should consider Custom Bespoke Finisher Medals. There are many reasons why people like to participate in events such as open water swimming, triathlons, running, etc. When you finish an endurance event and receive a medal, it can be a truly magical moment, a moment you will remember forever.

Laureates and Medals

There are a number of reasons why custom medals can be used as awards. One of the most common reasons is for those involved in sports. Coaches, teammates, and spectators appreciate it when efforts are acknowledged. Whether you make custom school medals, bronze medals, or gold medals, custom medals will show that you put your effort into it. This should be something you’re proud of.

Awards for achievements

Medals that are made to order are also useful for special events. Bronze medals aren’t appropriate for soldiers who have been commended for bravery. Consider giving him a necklace or bracelet instead, or even a Congressional medal if he is eligible

A medal that represents his candidacy could be designed. With this type of award, you can include an insert with the medal or a photograph engraved on it. Making these items would require more time, but they’re worth it because they’re useful and memorable. They can be purchased from local medal shops

Awarding Hobbies with Custom Awards

People have a wide range of interests and hobbies. These individuals often have a difficult time finding awards that fit their interests exactly, without being inappropriate. A custom award is a great solution for them. There are a variety of ways to customise these medals, depending on their interests.

You can create a collection that is unique and meaningful by combining these awards with others. You could create custom medals to give to each of your employees if you are responsible for giving them gifts.

These awards can then be added to the end-of-year employee appreciation program.

Awarded at Different Events

Any event can benefit from custom medals, no matter what the event is. Custom medals will last for many years if you give them to your employees.

Buy Custom Medals

In addition, they will be able to wear it proudly, knowing it was given with much thought and care. It is actually possible to make an award that is both just as good and much less expensive than an award that comes with a hefty price tag.

If you consider how much money you can save with free neck ribbons, beads, or other awards, saving a few dollars on these custom medals is a wise investment.Elite Sports

Awarding a custom medal is a great way to recognise employees, students, volunteers, or winners of competitions or events. Choosing custom medals for an occasion, choose a design that conveys the message you wish to convey.

Placing an order for custom medals

Medals can be ordered in a variety of ways. The font style, colour, and size can all be customised. Ordering custom medals is easy.

An Affordable Way To Buy Custom Medals

Custom medals can be purchased online at the lowest cost. An online supplier will give you several options, including Shape and Size – you can choose the shape and size of the medal you want. Our best sources are

This option allows you to view your selection before making it, so it is convenient.

Medals Come in Many Types

Medals can be created in many different ways. It is important to choose a medal made from the same material as the recipient. It may seem out of place to wear a gold medal with a dress shirt, for example.

Silver awards would be more appropriate. The possibilities are virtually endless. The medal can be personalised on the back.

If you wish, you may also add engraving or paint jobs. You should inquire about how the text will be engraved. Depending on the supplier, you may have the option to select from a pre-designed font.

Medals custom designed to fit your music

Custom medals can also include music medals. How do you associate music with musical instruments? Many would probably say yes. Awards for outstanding achievement in music can also be given.

The Songwriting Medal

A songwriter can win a county song contest, be selected as the state songwriter and win a prestigious prize in such a contest. With music medals, you can recognise just about any musical accomplishment.

Medal ordering

You can then move on to ordering your medal once you’ve chosen the style. Online suppliers allow you to place your order within a few weeks for custom medals. Once your order has been placed and shipped, you can watch for its arrival. We use FedEx and UPS for shipping.

Your tracking number and email will be sent once your order arrives. Medals can either be measured in inches or in MM for custom orders. Make sure you understand! You may be confused! The measurement of standard medals is in inches, whereas the measurement of custom medals is in Mils

The delivery of bespoke medals

Your order will be shipped once it has been received. If you require expedited service, please contact us. Please provide your shipping address and payment details on that receipt.

You may have to wait a few days to receive your package. Before you order, call your supplier to ask if there is anything you need to do.

Motivating employees with customized medals

With custom medals, you are not only helping your organization, but also boosting its morale. The look on the faces of your visitors and employees tells you that you’ve made an impact.

It shows that your company cares about the results it gets from its employees and is willing to go the extra mile to keep them happy. In the event that your company is in need of more awards, you may want to consider investing in medals.

Your Employees Deserve A Medal

Your employees will perform better and work harder if they have custom medals. As a result, your company will benefit as well. This is because your employees will feel like the prize they receive is the most important thing. This is one way to motivate your workforce.

Who wouldn’t want to win an award if it were on the line? Perhaps this would act as the ultimate motivator.

There are many colors and finishes to choose from

You can order custom medals in gold, platinum, or bronze, in addition to these benefits. The person receiving the medal can also have his or her name engraved on it. It is entirely up to you. Make sure you don’t overpay for unnecessary services.

Selecting the right material for your bespoke product

If you already know what material, design, and style you want for your medals, choosing a provider is really just a matter of choosing one. Medals of all kinds are available from several companies –

Provided at a competitive price. However, only order from a reputable company with a track record you can rely on. You will need to invest some time and effort, but the results will be worth it.

There are a number of reasons why you might want a custom medal.

It is important to reward your employees.

Though you can order custom medals at any time you feel like giving something meaningful to your employees, keep in mind that medals don’t have to be awarded only on special occasions.

In this way, their efforts matter and their boss appreciates them. It may just inspire them to work harder and better in the future – while receiving recognition for their efforts!

Honor a loved one with a personalized medal. A medal is awarded to someone who has accomplished something heroically. As a reward for their bravery, soldiers are also given awards on military bases. Additionally, they can be given in honor of important occasions such as anniversaries or funerals.

The Olympic medals

The Olympic committee recognizes Olympic athletes. To accomplish this, athletes competing in events of merit should be awarded bronze, gold, and silver medals.

A medal is often awarded by the Olympic committee based on a long-term achievement or performance. In the event that an athlete keeps making a comeback year after year, they might be awarded a special award.

For team events, the same applies. An individual or team may receive a medal, ribbon, or gold medal if they win an individual event.

Don’t Forget About Custom Medals

Elite Sports

If you order die-cast medals in bulk and they arrive too soon, you may discover that your favorite team already bought them, and you are left without a promotional award.

Buy in bulk and you can often get discounts on custom medals.

In particular, if you know you’ll be getting a large number of them for promotions, team events, or music events.

Purchasing more than one neck ribbon insert can save you even more money. Additionally, if you know you will give one to each player or team, you can save even more money by buying two-piece awards rather than one-piece awards.

Custom medals cannot be ordered with anything else.

You might want to create custom award medals that include the name and picture of the organization if you are creating these award medals for an organization.

Promoting your business and customizing your gifts have never been easier. We have items that look like team jerseys too. This will ensure people will see your company every time they see the medals.

People working in sports, especially football, understand the importance of fostering team spirit and gaining the respect of fans. Providing custom medals helps achieve these objectives.

Gem awards show your customers that you are dedicated to excellence and that you are proud of your employees.