The popularity of custom wood medals is rising for charity events, running events, sports events, large sports events, etc.

Additionally, charities often choose this option since it speaks to a larger cause. We at are passionate about creating medals that convey your brand’s message. So what better way to begin than with the material it’s etched on?

Bespoke Sports Medals offers a large variety of wood materials and finishes. You can select from Birchply or a Walnut Finish.

Eco-friendly Wood Medals

 These eco-friendly wooden medals are not only made from sustainably sourced wood, but also have a custom ribbon option.

Consequently, eco-friendly custom wooden medals are more affordable since no air freight is required! This eco-friendly alternative also saves you from expensive setup costs, making it an extremely cost-effective and cost-effective choice.

Wooden Medals are Fast and Affordable

We are therefore capable of meeting tight deadlines if necessary, although, typically, we suggest a turnaround of 3/4 weeks. 

It is also much cheaper to set up because there is no one-time cast/mould charge, so it is possible to process smaller and larger quantities faster and at a more economical price. at just 22.00 per wood medal order.

Further discounts can be found through high volume orders since we are able to purchase the materials in larger quantities. Nonprofit organisations can also receive discounts.

In the event industry, pioneers the design and development of eco-friendly wooden sports medals. 

With our creative team, you will be guided through the best manufacturing process and turn that dream medal into a reality.