Why Choose Custom Medals?

What Are The Best Custom Medal Company’s

A custom medal is a great way to show appreciation for your team, you can see bespoke design medals service here, employees, or community members. These unique bespoke medal awards can be attached to ribbons, showcased in meetings, sports events, or hung from award ceremonies sports event participants.Consider a custom medal gallery to see, have a look here.

Custom Medal Gallery

You can choose a custom medal by choosing a design by looking at a custom medal gallery, the bespoke medal gallery will allow you to see all options, medal sizes, shapes, design shape, and specifications.The medal gallery is most certainly a great place to start looking before an order.

Custom Medal Designs

The medal design and style of your medal are entirely up to you. The best part is that you can create the perfect award for the sports event  recipient. Here are a few reasons to choose custom medals over pre-made options: They enhance your sports event brand and improve your public sports event image, see a bespoke medal gallery to see, have a look here.

Building Brand Identity

A custom medal can be created using different metals, copper , zinc, bronze, gold even.There are full-colour and black medals. The full-colour medals are an excellent option for people who would like to present their designs in full colour. The contrast of black makes these custom medals unique, or consider a gold, bronze or silver bespoke medal. 

Types Of Custom Medals

These types of medals can be easily customised by choosing from hundreds of stock bespoke medal designs. If you want your medal design to stand out more, you can also choose from our custom artwork services. You can choose to use the same design or create something completely new and unique at bespokesportsmedals.com.

When designing your medal, you should consider the colour, size, and shape. You should choose the one that suits your logo the best. For example, black and white, but gold are best medals are great for presentations that feature full-colour designs. These types of medals are also a good choice if you want the design to be a bit bold.

Silver Medals

A silver medal is the perfect choice for a corporate award and is an excellent choice for a corporate award. You can find gold or silver medals with engraving or a custom message, such as well done or the date of the event, this is done with laser engraving.

A Custom Medal

A custom medal can be a great way to show appreciation for a special sports event or charity event award. It can be as simple as adding a name, or as elaborate as a award plaque, medal, medal shape or award.. You can even add a custom ribbon drape or a medal neck ribbon for a complete look. There are many options when it comes to the design and appearance of custom medals.

Use Your Club Logo For A Medal

If you have an idea, such as your club logo – you can use the online the bespokesportmedals.com design tools to create a custom medal, when really its just our in house design team. Don’t forget a custom medal gallery to see a range of medals for you to consider, round wood medals , square , triangle and long medals.

Colours Of Bespoke Medals

You should consider the colours and design of your medal. The colour and shape of the medal will depend on the design and its size. Black metal is best for events with bright colours and patterns. Why not consider designs services of custom medals,A full-colour medal is the best choice for corporate events.


Use any colours you wish they will be suitable for custom awards, competitions, and awards for athletes and sports teams. They can be a perfect custom ribbon gift for any occasion. If you want to give a personalised award, a custom medal is a perfect option.

A custom medal can be a great way to show your team’s spirit. You can use your medal as a recognition award for a special occasion. A logo on a medal will make it more memorable. A bespoke medal ribbon neckband can be a great way to show appreciation for the work of the team and its members.

You can choose a medal ribbon neckband to match the medal to any occasion. A custom medal is an excellent way to acknowledge a special occasion., sports event, running event, walking event, marathon 5k 10k or any mass participation charity event.