How to Create Custom Gold Medals

While buying custom gold medals may seem like a hassle, it can actually save you time and money. Rather than spending time and money on buying premade medals, you can invest in your own design. Using the services of a reputable manufacturer will ensure that your medal is unique and special. It also allows you to give your recipients a unique badge of identity. Here are the steps involved in designing and manufacturing a medal.You can see custom made gold medals here.

Creating Custom Medals

The first step in creating a custom medal is to choose a base metal for your medal. The base metal can be copper, bronze, brass, zinc, or even gold. The next step is to decide whether you want your medal to be die struck or cast. Another option is to create a custom insert medal. This method is perfect for companies that want to honor employees for exceptional achievements. These custom insert medals can be used as refrigerator magnets, as well.

In addition to custom-made medals, you can also order them in bulk. The higher the quantity, the cheaper the units will be. You can also make bulk purchases and get a discount. You can even add your business name or the event name to personalize the medal. It is a great way to give a personalised medal to a loved one or coworker. You’ll be glad you did. Once you’ve chosen a base metal, you’ll need to decide on how to order them.

Bespoke Medals

A gold medal can also be used as a refrigerator magnet. You can attach a permanent magnet to your gold medal, which will serve as an attractive decoration for your fridge. Alternatively, you can hang the medals on your kitchen cabinets to display their beauty. Once you’ve chosen a base metal, you’ll need to decide how you want your medal to be manufactured. Once you’ve chosen a base material, you can then choose the type of metal you want to use for your medal.

When it comes to a custom gold medal, there are many options available to choose from. You can order them in bulk and get a discount on each piece. You can also design your medal with an engraving, which will be very personal. Depending on your needs, you can also have the medals custom-made to commemorate a specific event. It is a great idea to present the recipient of the custom gold medal with a customised medal.

When you’ve chosen your medal, the next step is to choose a base metal. If you’re making a custom medal for a competition, you can choose any base metal that suits your needs. The base metal should be a base material that is resistant to tarnishing. If you’re ordering custom gold medals for an event, you’ll need to choose a design that is suitable for that event.