Custom Medals In Bulk

The main benefits of buying custom medals in bulk OR “Purchasing Custom Medals In Bulk” is an excellent way to reduce the unit price of your awards. You can find good deals online at

Benefits Of Custom Medals

The biggest benefit is the variety and value of these awards.  offers a very large variety of custom medal award options with a generous discount for bulk orders, for any event , charity, or club.

Additional Bespoke Medals

In addition to quality bespoke sports medals at an affordable price, custom medals are a great way to advertise your club, event or growing business what every that may be.

Many Bespoke Medal Styles

Below are some of the benefits of ordering custom and bespoke medals for sports bulk. When purchasing custom medals in bulk, you can choose from an extensive selection of styles.

Designs Of Custom Medals

The most popular medal designs feature a single metal finish and a sculpted disc to indicate the recipient’s position. Other design choices include a team name, personalisation, sports discipline, championship, and more.

Large Number Of Medals

If you order a large number of medals, you can also save on shipping costs, ribbon costs, and unit cost creation price.The designs of custom medals are vast, rounded wood medals, square, cut out shapes, thick or thin custom medals the list goes on.

Logo And Design Of Medals

In addition, you can choose your own logo design and choose from a large range of available finishes. In addition to a large inventory of medals, you can save on shipping and handling. Each medal includes a free 30-inch neck ribbon. The medals can be personalised with inscriptions and artwork.

Adding a custom engraving plate or indeed some laser engraving can be an extra expense, but it is worth it for the benefits it provides. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality of the finished product. You will be able to make a significant impact on your bottom line and elevate your brand.

Lower Costs Of Bespoke Medals

There are several ways to lower the cost of custom medals. You can order bulk quantities and save money on shipping. You can choose a variety of medal designs, colours, and base metals. Different metals and plating options can affect the price. Ask your representative about the best options for your custom medal awards.

If your budget is limited, consider using custom insert medals. These medals are easy to prepare and can be personalised with artwork or the recipient’s name.

Personalised Medals In Bulk

You can even order these personalised medals in bulk to commemorate a special achievement. If you need more medals for an event, you can order them in bulk from

Manufacturing Medals manufacture a vast variety of sports and race medals, such as running medals, 5k , 10k, marathon medals  and other awarding items.

Medals Available World Wide

They are available world wide and can be easily customised to meet your needs. This can make your awards more meaningful to your recipients. If you don’t have time to create and design the medals yourself, you’ll have to pay for them. You can purchase bespoke medals in bulk to save money, and keep your events well stocked!

Buying Medals

Buying in bulk from a manufacturer  like will save you money on shipping and storage. You can also choose medals that you want to have personalised for the recipient.


By choosing the right materials and finishing for your medals, such as cooper, zinc, you can make them more unique than ever. You can even choose medals with custom logo motifs. There’s no need to order medals in bulk.