Custom Charity Event Medals

Consider bespoke and custom personalised charity event medals which are the perfect way to celebrate a successful fundraiser. They can be made to signify any profound attribute, such as citizenship or patriotism, taking part to raise money for a charity Custom-made medals can be can also be used to recognise teamwork and participation, reward the efforts of the charity worker, or fundraiser.

There are many benefits of custom awards, which can be found on the company’s website. This article explores the benefits of custom awards. You can order your custom medals online or from a local charity shop. For more information, you can visit the, which specialises in custom awards and medals.

Bespoke Sports offer custom medals on large orders, as well as low set-up fees and fast turnaround times. Regardless of your event’s theme, custom medals will add a personal touch to your fundraising event. There are several ways to customise your event sports medals, so find out what will best fit your needs and your budget. Start the process by choosing a design that best reflects your charity event’s theme.

Examples Of Best Medals

Take an example to hand, a medal for the first place winner might say well done on your charity walks. “Supreme Champion” and include a big gold star. A medal for second place would feature a hand making an OK symbol. The possibilities are limitless, and you can even include a club sports logo.

Charity Custom Medals

Whether you decide to create a personalised charity event medal or use a standard design, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your fundraiser. You can choose from an assortment of styles and colours for custom awards. You can also select from multiple finishes for the metal part, such as bronze, gold, or silver. The ribbon can be either plain or personalised, with or without logo.

Choose Charity Medals

You can choose from a large variety of custom medals – from small, round, to octagonal – for every type of fundraising event. All sizes and shapes of medals are available. The larger the medals, the more expensive they are. The custom charity event medals are an ideal way to reward the winners. You can choose from a variety of designs, and the design can include up to four different colours of enamel.

In addition, there are many options for ribbons. They can be plain or custom printed to match your theme. These awards can be ordered in any quantity, and you’ll be able to select the size and colour of your choice. If you need a larger order, will and certainly can accommodate your custom medal requirements and event needs.

Advantages Of Custom Charity Event Medals

There are so many amazing advantages to using custom charity event medals. The awarding of a customised medal can help you promote your brand. It can reinforce a brand’s commitment to the fun by creating a special award. It can also be a great way to thank participants for their efforts. If you need to give awards at a charity event, consider buying engraved and personalised charity event medals. They will make the perfect awards for your cause, charity event such as walking medals, swimming medals, running medals, anything!