Custom Bronze Medals

Traditionally, Bronze Medals are presented to recipients as tokens of achievement. They are highly valued for their inspired artwork, precise tool engraving, and high-quality materials. Additionally, bronze medals are adorned with intricate finishing work and can be created with any design. To make the perfect gift for a loved one or business partner, you can choose a bronze medal with a neck ribbon or even have a custom design printed on the back disc.

You can get your custom Bronze Medals in any size and shape that fits the recipient. They can range from just a few inches tall to over 30 feet tall. Creating such a piece requires meticulous artistry. It is recommended to commission a master model for the best results. This way, minor variations will occur during the bronzing process. A patina is also recommended for these bronze awards, which will enhance their beauty and make them even more meaningful.

There are fewer awards metals that are harder and heavier than bronze, so you’ll need to take extra time to make the award. It will be well worth the extra time and money. You’ll be pleased with the end product and your customers. If you need to create a trophy for a special occasion, think about custom Bronze Medals. These beautiful pieces will serve as an unforgettable memento of the achievement.

When you’re considering an award for a special event, custom Bronze Medals are a great choice. This unique award type is the perfect way to recognize an exceptional achievement or award. The versatility of these awards is unmatched. They’re a perfect choice for corporate fundraisers, graduation celebrations, and any milestone. Bespoke Custom Frames has been providing unique and quality award solutions for over 50 years.

These awards are highly customizable and are an excellent choice for recognizing the accomplishments of an employee or business leader. And they’re great for business, too. And as long as they are made with the proper materials, they’ll stand the test of time. A Custom Bronze Medal is an impressive award to honor any recipient. And because they’re made of bronze, they’re going to last for many years. So what are you waiting for? Order your custom medal today!

Because bronze is a relatively lightweight metal, it’s easy to get a customized award made of the material. This is an excellent option for awards, such as corporate events and graduation ceremonies. They can also be used to commemorate awards and recognitions of outstanding achievements. They can be worn as tokens of accomplishment. And they’re also a great way to celebrate a special person’s life. This award is a great addition to any business’s awards.