Bespoke Medals 

Why Choose Bespoke Medals?

The system of acquiring bespoke medals and awards is an elaborate one. This is due to the fact the purpose of any award is to symbolise professionalism, integrity, and determination on the part of the recipient, and it ought to accomplish that in a manner on the way to remaining long after the occasion for which it changed into given. In truth, the very reason for a custom medal is to be saved for all time as memorabilia of a memorable occasion.If you are taking part in a charity sports event such as running, or walking or swimming events then the medal must have a silk ribbon, and look great.

General Bespoke Medal Information

Custom Medals And Awards Information

It’s true to say custom medals and trophies are popular, a participant in and event, such as charity, or sporting event will love to receive medals and trophies custom medals can be found across the world, UK, Europe, USA , China, and many other places. Custom medals and ribbons with a team, club, logo are very popular, the silk ribbon is the most used medal ribbon.Another award option is a custom medal that is cut out, or sparkled, or oversized, all very nice looking medals. Award coins, and coins that are medals but not attached to a ribbon are also popular.

Some considerations for custom bespoke medals are below.

  • custom award medals no minimum order
  • custom award medals with ribbons
  • custom acrylic medals also very popular

Custom Medal Productions

Best Custom Medal Production

This is why it’s crucial that any custom medals are synthetic to the best of standards, people finishing races like it that way – that isn’t always something that may constantly be finished with mass-produced merchandise, or a bespoke medal.At you can find custom award medals with no minimum order, so buy just one.

One of the important things motives why bespoke medals are produced within a certain side the unique and bespoke fashion is to create a one-off collector’s object on the way to remaining within side the arms of the very character who changed into offered it, custom award medals with ribbons

Buy Custom Medals Bulk

Consider buying Custom Medals in Bulk, gold , silver or bronze medals can be bought from in bulk from as little as 50p, with ribbons, and amazing looking colours.If your running a large event, charity walking event such as walking across the beacons, or a long distance beach walk, other charity events that would demand ribbons and a medal would be park runs across the UK.This is of the path some other cause why the producing system of bespoke medal production itself has to be as time-ingesting and laborious as possible, but its worth it as the end result is a great looking custom bespoke medal.

The real system of manufacturing bespoke medals consists of each step from designing and drawing the layout of the medal artwork , then it takes place thru to the mold and casting of the medals themselves, silver, coloured, gold, and custom custom bronze medals are then completed.

It is a complicated medal award system that additionally calls for lots of skill, craftsmanship and staying power, and determination with the intention to get medal metal craft matters properly done. The key system that’s used to fabricate bespoke medals is known as super metal machine embossing. This includes the usage of a coating of ink onto the medals that’s capable of resisting the rigors of repeated managing and removal, so if you are looking for custom medals to buy they can be best found at


Types Of Bespoke Medal Plating

After this, the medals are then handed thru an urgent system which includes pouring an aggregate of molten metallic into the cavities of the medals themselves, and the end result is a metallic that’s sturdy, stable, and durable. At this factor, the cloth is prepared to be lined with acrylic or gold paint and left to dry in the correct manner. The distinctive finishes to be had for bespoke medals are decided through the form of metallic that they’re made from. For example, the finishes to be had for forged metals consist of both gloss, replicate silver, or satin finishes, gold, silver, bronze, spray colour, sparkle and deep gold fillings.Some events company’s like to call them bling custom medals, consider custom medals china, however you may not have the expertise to find the best supplier.


These finishes also can be received for valuable and semi-valuable stones. Alternatively, there are various different kinds of finishes to be had which include bronze, chrome, gold plating, silver plating, brass plating, matte silver, matte gold plating, galvanised finishes, gold-stuffed and matte bronze. There also are diverse distinctive kinds of finishes to be had for the faces of the medals.

Bronze Medals And Other Medal Types

Bronze medals and other types are found across many companies.Bronze shade teeth finishes are famous for developing vivid gold-primarily based totally shade at the face of the bespoke medals. Chrome shade teeth give a comparable end however make use of chrome plating to create a matte silver end. Satin shade teeth, gold plating, and galvanised finishes all use a distinctive floor texture to create the distinctive completed outcomes, with a few the usage of raised functions at the same time as others have flat surfaces.

When it involves deciding on the proper enterprise to supply your bespoke medals from there are some considerations. First of all, the enterprise has to be mounted and reputable, and the best in their merchandise medal craftsmanship ought to be recognised and may be trusted. once a sample medal order is completed This is specifically essential in terms of deciding on consultant metalworkers, as you want them to draft, crate the best medals to you that they are able to supply. Other bespoke medal considerations are, below.

Gold Medals And More

The enterprise has to actually have an outstanding deal of enjoyment in generating your desired medals. They ought to be capable of producing the fashion and form of the layout you require at the correct length and weight of every medal piece required. They ought to additionally be capable of producing the precise shades and finishes you require inside a quick area of time. In addition, bespoke medals are produced on a man or woman foundation and man or woman orders can once in a while be extra hard to obtain. Some agencies can provide you a citation to your order and that is constantly very useful to clients. One of the maximum precious components of bespoke designs is the cap potential to have them designed precisely to your requirements.

Considering Bespoke Medal Personalising Medals

To consider the process of Personalising sports Medals is tricky , very tricky, this is due to the fact you’re capable of including your personal thoughts and personalisation into the medal product production system; which then guarantees that your designs are clearly specified and could stand proud of different bespoke designs within side the marketplace. You also can be actually certain that your medals may be made with excessive best substances; that is critical for the full-fillment of your enterprise in addition to being the best medals to be had.

Find The Best Bespoke Medal Provider

Most importantly, you may be actually assured that you’ll obtain the first-rate provider and effects out of your medal order enter enterprise, due to the fact in case you are designing your personal medals you may be assured which you are giving something again in your enterprise – something this is precious through clients. If you need to face out of your opposition and create a protracted-lasting expert recognition then bespoke medals are a have to. The use of bespoke medals has grown to be an increasing number of not unusual places with the increase of medals as a style accent during the last decade.

Bespoke Medals Other Than For Sports

In an age wherein gold and silver stay the dominant substances for medals, and indeed bespoke medals it’s miles no marvel that bespoke medals are taking part in a surge in popularity. Unlike the vintage old fashion of medals, the contemporary-day layout combines distinctive factors from all around, giving the wearer a certainly considered one among a type appearance. Whether you’re seeking out a layout to praise your wardrobe, or you’re seeking to provide a completely unique contact to a prestigious athletic opposition, bespoke medals are the answer.

Types Of Medal Material For Production

Bespoke medals may be made the usage of any valuable metallic that may resist excessive warmness and stress. The platinum, titanium, and chrome steel are typically used for bespoke medals; once in a while, gold and silver also are used if extra precision is required.

Some professional agencies specialise in making medals from all distinctive substances. Depending on the consumer’s needs, bespoke medals can be made with the usage of distinctive bespoke medal sizes, shapes, and weights; this makes them perfect for wearing disciplines that include weightlifting, swimming, gymnastics, and even sailing medals, all with free design services. If you’re seeking out a simple, sincere fashion of medal, then a gold, silver, or platinum end is perfect. With a desire of six shades to select from, bespoke medals are clean to personalise in your personal needs. For example, silver medals may be customised with the names of the consumer or the date they gained the medal. A gold end is regularly selected for an extra conventional appearance, despite the fact that a silver end may be mixed with a platinum medal end for a present-day piece.

Matt Black Custom Medals

The length and form of the medal also can be adjusted; in case you need it to be smaller, then you may have it made to measure, or in case you would love it to be larger, then you may regulate the scale all through the producing system. The finishes to be had for bespoke medals variety from fashionable champagne glints to matte black. These finishes were stimulated through the modern-day style trends and could move outstandingly with any piece of metal craft. There is something for everyone; there are finishes to be had with the conventional gold, silver, platinum, and Matt silver finishes, and there also are many extra alternatives.

Custom Medal Finishes

There are metal finishes to be had in bronze, copper, silver, or even black! The metal finishes will supplement nearly any piece of jewell. The vivid gold choice is outstanding for contemporary-day bridal sets, at the same time as the matte silver is outstanding for sporting with a proper shirt. As properly as the numerous distinctive varieties of medals, clients also can request distinctive textual content, ribbon, and ribbons to be included in their set. When ordering ribbons and bows for bespoke designs, try and make certain that you realise precisely what you need earlier than ordering, because the ribbon and charms may be very elaborate. This guarantees that your desire for embellishment will stay steady all through all of your bespoke medals.

Gold, Rose Gold, Silver Custom Medals

The variety of substances to be had for bespoke medals is large, which means that each consumer will discover a layout this is best for his or her needs. Yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and diverse different shades are all to be had to select from, which means that there’s a large variety of textured designs to be had on the way to in shape maximum any occasion. Silver going for walks medals are regularly used at Christmas and Easter, at the same time as gold and silver ribbons are utilised in a large variety of various occasions.

Whether it’s miles a gold or silver-plated ribbon which you are seeking out, or whether or not you decide upon an undeniable sample, there may be a large variety to be had to fit your needs. Bespoke medals also are famous at Hen and stag nights. They make outstanding bird and stag shirts and could move down properly with the crowd.

Custom-Made Medals

Another cause that custom-made medals are so famous at events is that they’re regularly customised with the date of the party, the call of the venue, at the side of every other non-public message which you would love to consist of. Whether you’re seeking to provide bespoke medals at a company party, or you’re seeking out something a bit extra specific for a wedding, you may be capable of discovering an appropriate layout and feature it made to your exacting standards.

Custom Medals For Different Events

Bespoke medals are an outstanding manner to feature a hint of man or woman fashion in your promotional merchandise. With such a lot of distinctive textured designs to be had, you may select any sample or shade which you wish, permitting you to create something this is specific to you and your enterprise. If you’re seeking out something distinctive to your subsequent occasion or really need to feature a few customised touches, bespoke medals and ribbons are an exceptional desire.

Personalised Medals

Bespoke Medals is specific and enormously personalised. Creating Bespoke Medals to your emblem, membership or charity facilitates to present immediately popularity in your enterprise, emblem, or maybe occasion and undoubtedly influences belief of your emblem, organisation. As the call indicates, those medals are made to reserve and are uniquely designed and constructed, incorporating your enterprise’s emblem and brand.

They are designed to your actual specifications, which include dimensions, form, shade, and cloth used. They have typically created the usage of modern-day virtual technology, which includes laser engraving and die casting. Bespoke Medals may be used for a huge variety of various matters.

Bespoke Colours And Design

The primary gain of the usage of bespoke medals is that you may choose from a large variety of shades, shapes, fonts, and emblems to fit your actual requirements. You could have a large variety of textual content and pix to your medal, which includes your enterprise call, sponsors, date, and extra. They are the ideal manner to present an emblem merchandising at diverse wearing activities, which include going for walks activities, triathlons, and marathons.


By developing your personal bespoke medals you may additionally grow publicity at small activities which include college carnivals, nearby activities, and different social occasions. There are plenty of benefits to the usage of bespoke medals. For example, due to the fact, each coin has a completely unique floor, your message or photograph will stand out even extra in comparison to a widespread medal. They are enormously powerful devices for selling your emblem, organisation, or charity.

Custom Coin Design


Because every coin is personally designed and constructed, they’re capable of correctly constituting your enterprise photograph, shade scheme, and message. In addition to this, there are normally only some distinctive kinds of medals to be had, because of this which you are sure to get one which honestly represents your enterprise emblem. Bespoke medals are very low-priced and may be produced in a huge variety of various substances and styles.

Promotional Medals

This manner that you may suit your promotional object to a huge variety of various budgets. As properly as this, most of the new designs of those medals were produced the usage of excessive best substances and finishes, which means that you may relaxation confident that your cash is being spent wisely. Many of the agencies that provide bespoke medals are capable of producing your message, photograph, and layout in metallic and ceramic components.

Company Bespoke Medals

In this manner you may have your message, brand , logo , team, sports event or even photograph included right into a huge variety of various substances and finishes. One of the maximum famous makes use of bespoke medals is with the enterprise and company sector. These may be produced to an excessive best widespread, the usage of excessive best substances and complete details. Because most of the agencies that create those custom-made medals use numerous distinctive methods, you may get any fashion, form, or length.

You can select from a choice of finishes which includes gold, silver, bronze, pewter, and chrome steel. The end and texture of the medals will decide your normal branding effectiveness. Bespoke medals also are perfect as promotional and enterprise gifts. You can buy a variety of various sized bespoke medals in distinctive weights to ship to your valued customers and clients.


If you need your promotional objects to receive as a gift, you could need to remember deciding on the more massive choice as those may be perfect for representing large agencies. When sending those medals, it’s miles essential that you make certain you consist of your enterprise brand, enterprise call, and internet site deal with velvet, leather  the medal boxes. When deciding on the cloth and end to your customised medals, it’s miles essential to select shades that might be suitable to your goal audience.

The distinctive finishes to be had consist of gold, silver, bronze, chrome steel, and pewter. Gold appears outstanding while representing wealth and glamour at the same time as silver is an extra understated end. Bronze finishes appearance outstanding on a number of apparel objects and integrate thoroughly with leather-based and canvas. It is crucial to don’t forget to reserve your custom medals from a good enterprise as your completed product might not mirror the colours or designs you’ve got selected.


Many bespoke medal agencies provide numerous distinctive alternatives to create bespoke medals relying on your needs, event, company, charity, sports day, awards night. This may also consist of the addition of more textual content to the medals themselves, opportunity finishes, or maybe interchangeable medals. It is suggested that you select an excessive best enterprise with a protracted status record of manufacturing the best bespoke awards and medals so you are capable of believing your investment.