Sustainable Wooden Medals

Consider Sustainable Wooden Medals, we supply handcrafted, custom-made, bespoke wooden sports medals service, they are becoming more popular at sports events every year. They are made from sustainable wood.Our wood medals are made from sustainable birch ply, it looks great and any logo can be added..

Sustainable Wooden Medals For Events

You can find that wooden sports medals are highly custom and can be crafted into any shape or size, they are perfect for all sports events, swimming, running races, marathon events long and short distance events, we can supply small or mass participation sports events, 5k and 10k, triathlon events, large open water swimming events, and events, big or small duathlon events, along with many other sports events and UK races. You will find medals made from just sustainable Wood, medals are great looking, They are also known as Eco Sports Medals, made from wood.

Custom Wood Medal With Ribbon

How about a custom ribbon made from silk, and with a logo on it. We can customized ribbons using any colour scheme that you wish, perfect and truly look great on wood sports medals of any size, 50,60,70,80,90mm, silk-wood medal ribbons are made from a high-grade polyester material this gives them a nice silky finish to them.
Many other medals are certainly worth considering and ordering as they also look great and come together with a great-looking ribbon, the medal ribbon is fully custom, these can often have many types of styles along with colours and designs, styles. The wood custom medal looks great with any sports Medal made from eco wood.
A Wood Medal For Finishing
When a sports participant comes over the final finish line a wooden sporting reward medal is a perfect reward for coming over the line, it’s one of the main reasons for taking part. Once the event finisher comes over the line the medal is collected for reward.

Wood Medal Package

We use very few wrapping papers to pack our wooden bespoke medals. They are packed up and then they are then shipped far and wide. Out to the main places of order, events, the may have been a place of just one venue.  packaged up and shipped out ready for use at the event.

Types Of Wood Medals

Standard 10k Medal

Standard Half Marathon Medal

Standard 10k Medal

Full Marathon